Pharmacy to Dose: The Critical Care Podcast

White Coats for Black Lives

July 3, 2020

White Coats for Black Lives


Special Guests:

Earnest Alexander, PharmD, BCCCP, FCCM


Sheriff Gbadamosi, PharmD


Jason Jones, PharmD, BCPS, BCCCP


Reference List:


05:01 – How did we get here?; 27:16 – What emotions have you felt over recent events?; 45:40 – Why is this movement different?; 51:30 – Are these protests necessary/effective to enact change?; 59:20 – Inequality within the criminal justice system; 71:50 – Differences in treatment/outcomes for black patients; 83:43 – Systemic racism within US healthcare system; 87:09 – Is this a public health issue?; 91:55 – Importance of the diversity on the healthcare team; 95:35 – Increased pressure/stress being a black team member; 100:20 – Being an anti-racist; 104:40 – “All Lives Matter”; 109:55 – Powerful/Impactful media recommendations or further reading; 118:37 – Being a productive ally to the Black Lives Matter movement; 123:38 – Final thoughts



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